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Create Explosive Growth For Your Brand

$50M+ Revenue Generated
4X Average ROAS
350M+ Video Views Driven
We’re innovating, just like you. We’re creating a new-generation of digital brands utilizing high-retention content that drives exponential community and revenue growth.
High-Performance Video Ads

Explode your revenue with social media ads that brand, educate, and sell all at the same time. We produce, film and scale high-performance ads.

Strategic Marketing Management

Increase your ROAS and reach through cross-channel managed strategic marketing. Available for Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok & Snap.

TikTok content management
Go Viral: TikTok Content Production

Explode your organic following through unique TikTok shows. From podcasts to game shows, we can produce scroll-stopping organic content.

YouTube Content Production

Build brand equity, community and revenue through unique high-retention YouTube shows made specfically for your target audience.

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Results We've Driven

EzToned is a brand we created in early 2020 that has since grown to over 60,000 users worldwide.

EzToned creates innovative fitness equipment and markets globally via YouTube, Facebook & Instagram ads.

We've produced a variety of creatives for EzToned that consistently drives over 4x ROAS across marketing channels.

We've also created over 500 pieces of organic content for EzToned ranging from guided workout videos to TikTok shows.

Turbist creates the softest, smoothest and most absorbent hair towels you’ll ever use.

We created a variety of direct-response video ads for Turbist to drive higher ROAS on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram ad spend.

Our partnership has led to over 200% growth for Turbist and multiple sold-out Black Friday sales.

Mr Geometric worked with Exponential to increase the attendance rate of Symbolically Kiwi - an art exhibition held in Auckland, New Zealand.

Symbolically Kiwi celebrated New Zealander's that have achieved success on the world stage.

Exponential created an awareness campaign that reached over 1 in 10 Aucklanders and resulted in Symbolically Kiwi becoming the largest interactive art exhibition in New Zealand.