Viral Organic Content Delivered Weekly

Reduce reliance on paid marketing and drive organic sales with unique product-integrated shows created for your brand.

Become A Celebrity

Become a recognized authority figure in your niche by turning your stories, lessons and unique insights into engaging TikTok content designed to go viral.

Launch A Game Show

We'll create an in-studio game show that integrates your product or service or establishes your brand as an authority within your niche.

Talk Show / Podcast

Build a strong community with a talk show created around important topics within your niche. Key talking points from each guest are turned into engaging and shareable TikTok clips.

Create Viral Conversations

What does the public have to say about your product or problem you’re solving? Place your brand in conversations that go viral, builds brand authority and builds social proof.

Launch A Street Game Show

We’ll create an innovative game show experience that represents your product and turn it into a 60 second high-stakes game show presented to random strangers on the street.

+ Almost Infinite Options

These are just some examples of the types of organic content we can create for your brand. When you sign up, you receive three tailored options for your brand based on industry trends, TikTok data and what appeals best to your ideal customer.

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1 Million Views Every Month, Or You Pay Nothing

Unleash the full potential of your brand with Exponential Labs! After three months of working together, we guarantee to make your content go viral every month or your money back.

Want more? Our Exponential plan guarantees 2 million views per month. Hit start now to view all plans & pricing.

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Here’s How It Works

Explode your organic reach in under 30 days.



Week 1: Our team will present at least 3 content ideas for your brand. If you already have a direction in mind, we would love to bring it to life.



Week 2: Once content direction is confirmed, we begin pre-production. This is where we cast presenters and any talent required for your content, and develop required props & sets.


Content Machine Begins

Week 3: It’s time to go viral! We’ll film, edit and launch a consistent stream of content to your social channels each week.

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Turn Your Product Into A Star

Our content integrates your product, personality or service into stories that go viral.

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Get Results Like
EzToned: 5 Million
Views in 7 Days

We took EzToned’s most popular product to the streets of Auckland and asked the public to participate in a $50 challenge.

Complete 20 EzBar repetitions of bicep curls, squats or tricep extensions to win $50.

The show was a massive hit with over 7.5 million total views accumulated for EzToned in just 2 weeks from only 15 videos.

We measure the success of each TikTok post in real-time and apply optimizations when required. Through this process, we successfully converted three low-performing posts with under 30K views to 300k+ views, with one re-optimized post exceeding 900K views.

Total views
in 14 days
Likes generated
New followers

Premium Organic Content For Everyone

Want some inspiration? Here's how we would create viral organic shows for the world's leading brands. We have a goal of working with every brand on this list by the end of 2023.

Google: Product Stories
Figma: Design Competition
Asana: Life-Sized

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of brands do you work with?

Our content creation package can be applied to any brand in any industry.

SaaS, personal brands, e-commerce, content creators, real estate, retail, healthcare, manufacturing - regardless of what you do, we'll ideate an innovative content strategy for your brand that increases your organic reach and grows your revenue.

What happens after I sign up?

It's go time! Utilizing the information you have provided, our team begins the brainstorming process where we accumulate at least three content ideas for your brand.

You and your team will be invited into a dedicated Slack channel where we keep you up-to-date with every step of the process.

Once brainstorming is completed, we move onto pre-production where we cast presenters and required talent for your content. This is also where we prepare any props or sets required and build out our detailed plan of action for filming your content.

Next up is filming - depending on the type of content being produced, filming may occur once a week per show or multiple times per week.

Your content is then edited and presented to you and your team via Slack. Once approved, we will publish the content to your social channels throughout the week.

This process is repeated every week to ensure you have a consistent stream of new content.

How does the 1 million views guarantee work?

We have virality and engagement down to a science that we apply to every piece of content we create. If our strategies fail to achieve on our promised view targets, your monthly fee will be refunded on request.

This guarantee will become effective after three months of our collaboration and will remain in effect on a monthly basis thereafter.

Depending on the package you select, we guarantee 500K, 1 million or 2 million monthly organic views on your TikTok account.

Who publishes the content? Is content management included?

The starter plan includes TikTok management. The Pro and Exponential plan includes TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts management.

This means we will manage the publishing of all content we create.

Customer support, such as replying to comments or direct messages, is not provided as a part of this package.

What does "Performance Optimization" include?

Performance optimization is included with the Pro and Exponential plans.

We monitor the performance of published TikTok content in real-time. We utilize distribution benchmarks from your recent posts and your top performing posts to determine if a post we publish is performing below expectations.

This is typically assessed within the first 90 minutes of the post going live.

If performance is below expectation, we will re-cut the video utilizing a combination of methods and re-publish the video.

Performance optimization can result in a below-average post transforming into a viral hit with millions of views. 

How many types of shows are included? And what exactly is a show?

The Starter and Pro plans includes one unique show per month.

The Exponential plan includes two unique shows per month.

A 'show' is defined as one type of content we produce for your brand.

For example, the Exponential package could include the production of a game show and public interview series with new episodes published every single week!

Content on TikTok becomes saturated fast. To combat this, we like to run each show in seasons.

After a 4-6 weeks of posting regular episodes, we retire the show for a brief period of time and replace it with a fresh new show to take its place.

Shows that see consistent high-engagement will be kept on the roster and will return with a second season. Any show that is lagging behind on engagement will be retired completely to make way for new ideas.

How many posts are included?

The Starter plan provides 8 posts per month.
The Pro plan provides 12 posts per month.
The Exponential plan provides 18 posts per month.

All content can be published on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat Spotlight.

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